Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Plans and Etsy's Front Page

Hello again everyone!

I know I've been horrible about updating lately, and here comes the part where I make some lame excuses about the holidays and catching a bad cold, but we all know I was just lazy, lol. :P

{New Project a Week Plan}

I have decided that, come Monday, I will be launching my Project Of The Week posts. Every Monday, I will feature a project that I will be doing for that week. I will put up pictures of my progress, helpful hints regarding the project type, patterns/tutorials for some, as well as snags, bumps and the utter craft fail that will likely ensue with some of the things I attempt. (It happens to the best of us. >_< )

{Etsy's Recent Front Page Features}

Now, let me first say that Etsy is very near and dear to my heart. With that in mind, however, I can't help but do a double take at some of the items recently featured on the front page. I'm not the only one talking either. Many of my fellow Etsyians have logged into Etsy, eager for the wonderful bounty of front page goodies, only to be left raising an eyebrow and shaking their heads.

Theories abound as to the reason for this sorry collection of items from the Etsy-verse. Perhaps Etsy is trying to feature a broader range of 'talent' on the front page, or perhaps these sellers know something we don't and are smoozing the admins. Or, more likely, the admins have been replaced by craft-challenged aliens bent on spreading bad taste throughout the Intraweb.

At any rate, logging into Etsy as of late has been dissapointing at best and just sad at worst.

Comments? Thoughts? I'd love to hear any theories.

Happy Crafting,

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