Monday, November 30, 2009

Pass It On and Help Promote Etsy!

I recently received a wonderful Etsy trade from seller Laycee, and was pleasantly surprised and intrigued when I found not only her business card, but a whole collection from across Etsy. Looking at the label on the business card holder, I found that it was part of a campaign to help promote other Etsy sellers.

Well, I'm always looking for ways to promote both my own little Etsy as well as other handmade crafters out there, so I decided to join in.

It's simple. Just put your buiness card in a small buisness card-sized envelope and place a lable on the back insturcting your buyers to add their card and ship it out with their next order. This way, your buyers will get a whole treasure trove of new shops to check out. What fun!

In other news, my poor camera's sentence is in, and it has officially bit the dust. I plan on seeing my dear friend Charming Mittens this week, and will borrow her old DSLR, so pics will be up soon, as well as many new listings in my shop! I've been a busy girl!

Happy Crafting,

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Apartment and a Busted Camera

November has been a busy month!

On the 11th, my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment in Huntsville, and on the 12th, I turned a ripe old 24 years old.

We're both loving the new place, and I've been a busy little beaver making it ino our own. Naturally, I'm dying to share all my latest projects with you all, but alas, my camera must have had to much excitement because it has decided to up and quit on me. :( I'm hoping it's just a minor issue, such as dirt in the focus, but we'll see. Here's hoping though! I may also be getting my friend's old DSLR to use for the time being.

Here's a preview of things to come!

~DIY tile coasters
~paper cuts
~arigurumi patterns and techniques (I started crocheting!)
~Art is everywhere, or How to make awesome wall art from everyday things
~My new terrarium obsession
~Holiday wreaths and garlands
~How to give new life to old metal

I hope you'll stick around and bear with me while I try to obtain a working camera, and until then, Happy crafting!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I was featured in a TREASURY!

What a wonderful way to start your day, by getting a convo saying you were featured in a Treasury!

Slvilov has compiled an absolutely beautiful treasury featuring items in cream and powder blue. Just lovely! Check it out here. Check out the other amazing sellers, and of course, give Slvilov a visit at her awesome shop, too! ^_^

Happy crafting!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Cute Japanese Printable Stationary, Take 2!

I thought I had found a rather good source for printable Japanese stationary in my last post regarding this topic, but boy, have I out done myself this time!

I have found the Nirvana of all printable stationary sources, Heaven to any fan of kawaii, And what's more, it's completely FREE. Yep, totally free access to literally HUNDREDS of printable Japanese stationary from top brands like Sanrio and many others. You can even join the website and upload your own scans of stationary to the galleries, keep record of your favorite stationary, and receive email updates on what is being added to the community.

My poor printer.....LOL!

Have fun, and stock up on paper and ink!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

With November comes many things. The first hints of autumn, my birthday (the 12th), and one of the most important, Diabetes Awareness Month.

This cause has rather recently become very near and dear to me. My boyfriend of 8 months was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes when he was 17. Granted, it's rather old to be diagnosed, and I think in some ways, more challenging for him. He handles it very well though, and the strength with which he meets the issues facing him and the complications from his diabetes amaze me everyday. He's an incredibly strong person.

Out of my love and concern for him, I have taken a new interest in diabetes research and treatment options. We both are always on the lookout for new treatments, and hope to one day see a cure. Until then, we do the best we can.

This is why I've decided to make special items in my shop, whose sales will go towards befitting the American Diabetes Association and all that they do. You can learn more about this wonderful organization at their website.

I will soon be adding these items to my shop, so please keep an eye out for them!

Happy November, and happy crafting!