Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gearing Up for My 1st Craft Show!

I opened my Etsy conversations a few days ago to find a wonderful surprise; I'd been invited to have a booth at a craft show at the locally run coffee house near my campus! Well, I was completely shocked, flattered, and...well...mildly terrified. 0_o

What do I know about hosting a booth? What items should I feature and concentrate on? How do I display them? Business cards? Banners? Tables? I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with it all!

Well, I did the only sensible thing. I started hitting the net for help. And, for any of you crafters out their facing the scary and often confusing world of your first craft show, or even if you've got a few under your belt, here's some wonderful sites with amazing tips to help you out! ^_^


First off, we have the Indie Craft Shows Blog. This blog is a GREAT start in your search for guidance on everything craft show. From applications to DIY displays, this blog has tons of great information and photos. I also found their Twitter great to follow.

Next, we have Moo. This is a great place to start looking for ideas for promotions and buisness cards. Personally, I can't really afford to order from them and I kow so many of us artists are on a tight budget at best, but their products are awesome for inspiring ideas for DIY promotional items.

Another great resource is Flickr, beleieve it or not. Do a search for craft show displays under the group tab, and you'll find TONS of groups with great photos of booth displays to help inspire your own set up. Also, these groups are full of great people to ask for help! Find a booth you like and comment on it!

And here's some little tidbits I found Googling.

Also, I found Google image search to be pretty helpful, too.

I will continue to post any helpful hints I find and updates as I begin my journey to Craft Show-dom. Happy crafting and good luck to all you furture and current craft show divas!

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