Monday, November 30, 2009

Pass It On and Help Promote Etsy!

I recently received a wonderful Etsy trade from seller Laycee, and was pleasantly surprised and intrigued when I found not only her business card, but a whole collection from across Etsy. Looking at the label on the business card holder, I found that it was part of a campaign to help promote other Etsy sellers.

Well, I'm always looking for ways to promote both my own little Etsy as well as other handmade crafters out there, so I decided to join in.

It's simple. Just put your buiness card in a small buisness card-sized envelope and place a lable on the back insturcting your buyers to add their card and ship it out with their next order. This way, your buyers will get a whole treasure trove of new shops to check out. What fun!

In other news, my poor camera's sentence is in, and it has officially bit the dust. I plan on seeing my dear friend Charming Mittens this week, and will borrow her old DSLR, so pics will be up soon, as well as many new listings in my shop! I've been a busy girl!

Happy Crafting,

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