Monday, November 23, 2009

New Apartment and a Busted Camera

November has been a busy month!

On the 11th, my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment in Huntsville, and on the 12th, I turned a ripe old 24 years old.

We're both loving the new place, and I've been a busy little beaver making it ino our own. Naturally, I'm dying to share all my latest projects with you all, but alas, my camera must have had to much excitement because it has decided to up and quit on me. :( I'm hoping it's just a minor issue, such as dirt in the focus, but we'll see. Here's hoping though! I may also be getting my friend's old DSLR to use for the time being.

Here's a preview of things to come!

~DIY tile coasters
~paper cuts
~arigurumi patterns and techniques (I started crocheting!)
~Art is everywhere, or How to make awesome wall art from everyday things
~My new terrarium obsession
~Holiday wreaths and garlands
~How to give new life to old metal

I hope you'll stick around and bear with me while I try to obtain a working camera, and until then, Happy crafting!


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