Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Project Time!

I always look forward to the weekends, because that's usually when I'm free to craft my little heart out. Sometimes though, my crafty plans are foiled due to CRAFT BLOCK!

Any seasoned crafter is well familiar with this horrid affliction with symptoms ranging from staring at your crafting tools blankly to craft fail, in which you attempt to craft something onl to end in often laughable results.

But FEAR NOT! I am here to help. ^_^

I have been searching the net diligently to bring you some wonderful new projects to keep you busy and inspired. And if you can't get to them this weekend, I find that keeping a book of projects I've seen and wanted to try around really helps combat the craft block.

For this week, I'm featuring projects using everyday items you have laying around the house. Hope they inspire you!

Pop Flower Magnets for Recycled Cans from 10th Muse Studio
Recycled Matchbox 'Chest of Drawers' from
CD Case Wall Art and Paper Vases from Country Living
Christmas Ornament from Puzzle Pieces from Family Crafts

Happy Crafting!

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