Sunday, December 6, 2009

Appartment Infussion: Terrarium Love

I've recently become OBSESSED with terrariums!

I'm not much of a green thumb, but I wanted some kind of house plant in my new place. Recently, my good friend CharmingMittens introduced me to terrariums, and I'm totally hooked. They're beautiful, highly customizable, and easy to care for.

Here's what you need:

- a cute glass jar (I like apothecary jars, ball mason jars, or glass globes meant for candles. These can be found in thrift stores, Walmart, or most craft stores.)
-potting soil, prwetty rocks, or another surface for your moss to grow on. It will grow on most anything really. I'm thinking of making on with sea glass and testing my luck.

Simply put your substrate (the stuff your moss is going to grow on) into your jar and arrange anything you need to to suit your tastes. Then put down your moss. Don't worry about tearing it, moss is very resilient and can be torn to size.

You can thenfind TONS of things to decorate your terrarium with, if desired. You can buy miniatures on Etsy made just for this, or pick up cute things in your craft store's dollhouse aisle. I even picked up some tiny Bella Sara horses at Walmart to go into one of mine. Think of them as a mini garden to landscape. Get creative and have fun!

Happy crafting!

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