Friday, August 21, 2009

I lost my Trade Virginity!!!

Well, I suppose this is yet another case of virginity lost through peer pressure. I was chatting with a friend via MSN messenger and one thing just lead to another. Soon, we were talking Etsy and sales, and well...I guess the inevitable came up.


Well, I had never traded before, but she assured me there was nothing to worry about. It was nothing. Everyone was doing it. There was even a forum thread, group and BLOG for it. Well, if it had a blog....

So there I was, tremulously typing 'tradeaholic' into the forum search box on Etsy. I closed my eyes, and hit Enter and up popped the Tradeaholic's 18 hour Frenzy thread.

Wait, FRENZY?! What was i getting myself into? And yet, I was compelled.

Before I knew it, I had entered the thread and posted, opening myself up for trades. And did they ever come.

I had only barely just posted, and my Conversation lit up! Oh, I was hooked! The thrill of seeing those red little numbers at the top of my screen! I couldn't wait to read them all! I could barely keep up, they just kept coming! To think people wanted to trade with a newbie like me, that they liked my shop! So new to this trading thing, and already an addict, already a.....tradeaholic.

In all seriousness, trading is WORTH IT!

  • Great way to see other seller's shops
  • Great way to be seen!
  • Wonderful way to get your products circulating
  • Word of mouth gets around, impress those traders!
  • Meet cool sellers and NETWORK!
  • Great way to get some Holiday gifts for us starving artists
  • Great way to get supplies. Lots of destashers wanting to trade!
Check out the Tradeaholics in the forum our at their blog, and loose your virginity, too. Seriously, all the cool Etsyians are doing it. ^_~

1 comment:

  1. I am happy you finally jumped on the wagon :P

    I opened up my bead destash for trade and holy cow....

    I ha to post an album in photobucket for it because there were so many! over 200, and making etsy listings for them would just break my bank.

    I ended up with some fabulous things: fabulous earrings two paper punches tags for my pretties paper supplies, yes! necklace :D notebooks! cutest vintage studs ever.