Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Back To School...and a Weekly Feature!

Whew! It's been a busy week!

I moved back into my dorm yesterday and classes start tomorrow, so there was a lot to be done. Thankfully, my amazing boyfriend came down to help me out, making the whole process so much less stressful, and I'm finally getting stuff ironed out and organized.

I'm really excited about this new semester! My roommates are awesome and I've really been finding myself over the summer, and am in a really good place right now. It's going to be a great year, I know it. ^_^

And, in light of my excitement over this new school year, I have decided to do a weekly feature on BACK TO SCHOOL! Everything you need to be a good student...and look good doing it. ^_~

First, we have this hilarious pin by beanforest. I love it! Add it to a bag, or for 50cents extra, make it a magnet!

Next, we have this seriously cute tote by HautTote. She has some great bags in her shop, and even has matching pencil cases! I love her anime pin-up girl series, but she has many other styles to choose from. Carry those overpriced textbooks in style!

Next, there's these awesome pencil cases from VioletGiftShop! I really love these. So simple, yet utterly adorable! These make wonderful additions to your bag or purse. You can even use them for your tampons....

Why not carry your lunch is style with this authentic Japanese bento box set? Keep all your munchies safe and seperated in this coordinated 6 piece set from spacestitch.

Keep track of your important information, of just jot down notes in this BEAUTIFUL handbound journal by bindingbee. Check out her shop, full of other great journals!

How about these adorable retro apple bulletin boards by pegsboards? Perfect for brightening up your appartment or dorm. Keep track of notes, buisness cards, photos, or just hang as is for a great piece of art. She also makes wonderful push pins to add to her boards! ^_^

Craving some color on those drab dorm walls but can't paint them? How about vinyl decals? They're completely removable and won't hurt your walls! Have the style you want!
This cute little bird cage decal is by HouseHoldWords. Customizable, you can order different colors and sizes to make it perfect for your space, and her great prices make it brilliant!

Be brainy with this CUSTOM laptop sleeve from brokesy. Since it's custom, you are guarenteed a good fit, and the her designs are totally unique and quirky. Perfect for the geek in your life!

Keep that all important flash drive safe and handy with this cute little flash drive holder and key ring from auntifranni. Lots more in her shop, so your sure to find the perfect one to fit your style. <3

And last, but certainly not least, we have this reclaimed vintage record wall clock by TickTocklers! Get to your classes on time and be stylish doing it. ^_^

Thanks to all the wonderful Etsysians who make my weekly features possible! Please give them some love!

And as always, Happy Crafting!

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