Saturday, August 15, 2009

This week's feature: Steampunk Wedding!

Well, I've been a neglectful little blogger, haven't I? Life's been rather nebulous lately, with heading back to school and moving and getting my things together, but at least I remembered weekly feature, right?...right?

Well, to (hopefully) make up for my neglect, I have put together a very special feature for everyone. Enjoy!


Ever since my boyfriend and I began discussing marriage, I've all but had the event planned, lol.Of course, these plans are frequently revised, mostly on account of Etsy.

I knew I wanted something different, as both me and my boyfriend aren't traditional in any since of the word, and I knew Etsy was definitely the place to start looking. While searching , I came across some amazingly unique options for the vintage/gothic-minded Bride, and developed quite a collection of tagged items. I've been tryign to put them into a treasury, but every Etsyian knows how hard that is, so for now, I'll feature some of my favorites. ^_^

Please take a look at my sidebar and the amazing wedding items featured there. These shops are GORGEOUS and it was very hard to pick only one item from each. Check them out, you won't be dissapointed!

Thanks to all the wonderful Etsyians who make my features possible, and as always,

Happy Crafting!


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