Monday, August 24, 2009

New Geisha Doll Project

Another day, another craft. ^_^

I have been diligently working on my newest geisha paper doll creation, my second to feature an accessorized doll with accompanying scenery. She isn't finished yet, but I thought I'd give everyone a sneak peak at her and a small glimpse at the process of making her thus far.

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and didn't take pictures from the beginning, BUT you will get to see how I make all of the accessories and scenery for this piece.

This is the doll itself, before I added her obi sash. She was given an ornate bow obi made from ivory embossed paper, and then was added to a rectangular black wood base. The scenery will then be added to the base to complete the display.

I knew I wanted my doll to be holding a parasol, and I had originally planned on just buying some little drink umbrellas. When I looked at them though, none of them suited my color scheme, so this is me making my own, lol.

I used a decorative toothpick (it has decorative carving at one end, as opposed to being pointy at both ends) and a piece of floral scrolled vellum cut into a small circle. I cut a small wedge from the circle so that it would form a shallow-sided cone, and poked a hole in the center. I then pushed the toothpick through, pointy end first. A little Tacky glue to the underside, and I had myself an umbrella! The pic shows me adding shimmery white sequins to the edge for embellishment. (What it doesn't show is me cursing at how delicate and tiny it all is, or my boyfriend glaring at me for sticking a toothpick in his candle, lol.)

Here's the doll on her base, with the obi sash and umbrella added.

And here's the doll with a spool of thread for size reference. TINY!

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of my latest doll, and I will update soon with a post on how I make the scenery and photos of the process and the completed doll!

And as always, Happy Crafting!

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